The Issue.

The student body represents a huge percentage of the population. In our experience, students are becoming more and more environmentally-minded, wanting to adopt sustainable practices and consume more responsibly. The trouble is - it's often so difficult! The sustainable option is often non-existent or too expensive for a student's budget. 

What Can I Do?

We want to bring sustainable living to the heart of university campuses, starting, of course, with the reduction of disposable plastics. We'd love to have one representative in every university in the UK, who can work with their university with our guidance, and help them to make sustainable practices the standard for their students!

 photo: Matt Briney |

photo: Matt Briney |

What can plastic-free me do for my university?

We have a dedicated Universities network manager who can provide guidance on how University structures work, how policies are made and how best to implement change. Following our success at Leeds University Union: the switching of all disposable plastics to a biodegradable alternative, and the introduction of a zero-waste aisle in our union supermarket - we have first-hand experience of how to get the ball rolling!

This campaign is a new initiative, and we need more volunteers from universities across the country to get on board. So please, get in touch!

Not from the UK?

Although we are UK based, there's no reason why we can't roll this out to universities further afield too. If you'd like to represent your university, wherever you are, please get in touch and let's see what we can do!