We are excited to launch our latest campaign: Plastic-Free Youth.

Based in Leeds, UK in partnership with Yorkshire Life Aquatic: this is a great opportunity for young people between 13 -19 in West Leeds to learn about our global plastics crisis, get a head start in a career in conservation and to develop their leadership skills.

From Tuesday 8th January 2019, we will be offering a free 6-week course at Interplay Theatre in Armley, Leeds every Tuesday from 5-8pm.


Course Overview

Week 1 - Activism

This week you will be introduced to our global plastic problem and learn why it is one of the biggest global threats. There will be talks by conservation organisations Plastic-Free Me and Yorkshire Life Aquatic and learn about how they started and how you could set up your own organisation. For the second half of the session you will be joined by local politicians who will guide us more on how we can take action as individuals, how to set up social media campaigns, how to run events in the local community and how to start your own petition.


What better way to get a message across than through film? This week we will be joined by freelance film specialist James Bell who will teach you the technical requirements of filming, how to come across persuasively on camera and how to create an effective campaigning video. At the end of the session, we will have created a film about young peoples voice on plastic pollution ready for sharing on social media and for screening at the Human Aquarium.

Week 3 - Community Engagement

Plastic first became a material for mass production only 70 years ago, and we are only just starting to see the devestating effects this is starting to cause. This is going to be a huge global problem for the next generation, so it's time to start getting young people aware and engaged in tackling it. This week we are going to be learning how to give motivational talks and engaging workshops for primary school children. By the end of the session, you will have come up with a workshop plan and talk suitable for taking into local primary schools to inspire the next generation. 

Week 4 - Art

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - so this week we are going to learn how to use art and sculpture to make a political statement. Joined by local artists, we will be building a light up, giant octopus out of single use plastics together, to go up on exhibition for the human Aquarium event in Leeds City Centre. So get collecting your single use plastics!

Weeks 5&6 - Project development 

For the last two weeks, you will work in small groups, pairs or as individuals to develop your own projects based on the skills that you have acquired over the last four weeks. You will be able to create your own short film, social media campaign, sculpture, political petition or workshop for your community, whilst receiving ongoing support from our experts.


How to apply

We are looking for 15 enthusiastic young people from all walks of life to help join our mission in tackling plastic pollution. There is a short application form below to fill out if you would like to be considered for the course. If you would rather apply over the phone or meet with a member of our team due to special requirements, please contact Hattie on 01132638556 or hattie@plasticfreeme.org.


We don't want there to be any social, economic or accessibility barriers to stop young people from attending this course. The course will be completely free for young people including materials and it will take place in fully accessible spaces (primarily Interplay Theatre and St. Johns Shopping Centre Ground Floor). We have funding in place to support young people who cannot find their own travel to and from the course and we will be providing a vegetarian/ vegan meal every week. if you have any concerns about accessibility, transport or require special assistance, please contact Hattie on 01132638556 or hattie@plasticfreeme.org.

Application Form

Please fill in this form to apply for a space on our Plastic-Free Youth program. Should you have any questions, or problems applying, please contact Hattie on 01132638556 or hattie@plasticfreeme.org.

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