A Guide to Plastic-Free Festivals in 2019

Everything you need for a more plastic-free festival season.

Festival-goers everywhere! We are fortunate to have some really beautiful festival settings across the globe, but a good time shouldn’t cost the earth. Here are some top tips from for reducing your festival footprint as an individual during the 2019 festival season.

Photo: Barn on the Farm

Photo: Barn on the Farm


  • Reusable water bottle

  • Reusable mug for hot drinks

  • Reusable cutlery and a lunchbox

  • Raincoat (so you don’t need to buy a plastic poncho)

  • Reusable bags for dirty laundry and your trash

  • Eco-glitter if you like to look sparkly (we recommend: EcoGlitterFun!)

  • Solid shampoo, conditioner and body wash

  • Matches or metal refillable lighter for cigarettes 

  • Small wooden scrubbing brush & little jar/vial of eco-friendly washing up soap


Try and buy food with the least plastic packaging possible.

  • Unpackaged nuts, seeds and dried fruits are PERFECT for breakfasts and snacks

  • Small tins of tomato sauce, beans, lentils, fish etc all great for cooking meals at camp

  • Cardboard boxes of oats and cereals

  • Fruit with a natural hard exterior like bananas, avocados and oranges

  • Little glass shaker of salt and pepper!


BREAKFAST: Tuck in to your delicious unpackaged nuts & fruits or cereals to start the day. Boil some water and enjoy your morning coffee or cuppa tea in your reusable mug.

LEAVING CAMP: Remember to pack your water bottle, mug, cutlery & lunchbox, raincoat and some snacks. Bring your dish soap and washing brush to wash your lunchbox and cutlery with. Most importantly, bring your eco glitter so you can top-up and look fabulous all day long!

LUNCH: Find yourself a tasty food van and fill up your lunchbox with delicious scran. Some food vendors will be on the ball and very happy to fill up your reusable lunchbox, but for anyone that hasn’t got the message yet; just explain you’re trying to cut your usage of unneccessary disposables and they should be happy to oblige! Once you're done munchin', head to the nearest source of water and wash your lunchbox & cutlery with your bar of soap.

AFTERNOON: Stay hydrated and fill your water bottle before you head back to the field to throw some sparkly shapes. Remember - no butts! Don't flick your cigarette butts to the ground, just pop them in a designated bin or bring your own small tin box for a portable ashtray.

DINNER: Repeat the lunchtime process. Alternatively, head back to camp and cook your own tasty food.

BACK AT CAMP: Have designated bags for any rubbish and recycling produced by your group. Never ever leave litter on the ground!

NIGHT TIME: Water bottle, eco glitter, no butts. Done.


Leaving is simple - leave no trace! Familiarise yourself with the recycling offered by the festival, sort your trash accordingly and make sure you throw everything away before you leave. 

Please don’t leave your tent behind. They are a complicated mix of non-recyclable materials and there’s no way to be certain that they will be disposed of properly, or they might be blown away. 

While you’re exiting the festival, keep one of your trash bags out and pick up all the litter you find between your camp and the exit - you’ll be helping out the clean-up staff hugely and you can make sure it’s all disposed of properly.

Thank you and good luck!

Got any more essentials or top tips? Leave a comment below and we’ll add them to this article!

Photo: Barn on the Farm

Photo: Barn on the Farm

Glitter photo credit: h heyerlein on Unsplash
All other photos: Barn on the Farm