Ocean Mimic: Saving the Oceans with Swimwear

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Emma and Chelsea, co-founders of Ocean Mimic. © Ocean Mimic

Emma and Chelsea, co-founders of Ocean Mimic. © Ocean Mimic

Bali, Indonesia is an ocean-lovers paradise. White sand beaches, stunning sunsets and some of the best marine life in the world. Sadly, however, it is being spoilt by waves and waves of plastic washing up on its shores. We caught up with Emma & Chelsea: Co-founders of Ocean Mimic. Their beautifully designed swimsuits are modelled on ocean creatures and made from recycled ocean trash. For every $10 donated, they work alongside local communities to pick up 1kg of trash from Bali’s beaches.

- Hey girls! Tell us a little bit about yourselves and the work you’ve been doing.

We are Emma and Chelsea, from Devon and Cardiff. Since a young age we’ve always loved the ocean and both grew up SCUBA diving. We created Ocean Mimic on a small Island in Malaysia whilst experiencing first hand the extent of the plastic pollution. We moved to Canggu, Bali with the intention of building a clean-up movement and supporting the local community. We are on our 26th clean-up and have managed to pick up 3852.5kg so far - woo!

- Wow! That’s a lot of plastic. What made you focus on Bali? Is plastic pollution really bad there?

It’s honestly devastating! Over monsoon, we picked up two tons of trash at two back-to-back clean-ups. We were not sure where to start the project until we watched the video of the trash on a dive at Nusa Penida: that made the decision easy because it was horrendous to watch.

- Oh yes, that video is absolutely shocking. Have you faced any challenges setting up Ocean Mimic?

We've had a few challenges; one being our serious lack of experience in business… but it’s been so much fun learning the ropes and working our way around each department. Every day is a school day here in Canggu: you never stop learning but there’s so many opportunities and people to support you!

- Well, hats off to you! So tell us more about these bodysuits…

We’ve created a collection of sustainable bodysuits inspired by different marine creatures and representing issues currently facing the ocean: Plastic pollution, coral bleaching and captivity as leading examples. The suits are really bright and bold, they were made to support and raise awareness and of course to encourage more people to think twice about their everyday decisions.

- They sure are beautiful. What are they made of?

Our bodysuit material is called Carvico Vita, it’s a recycled plastic fabric made of fishing nets and other pre and post consumer plastic waste. It’s imported from Italy and our suits are then manufactured here in Bali.

-So for every $10 people donate, you pick up one kilogram of trash… what do you do with all the trash you collect?

What can be recycled is taken to Eco Bali and the remaining we organise for collection and then taken to landfill. Recycling in Bali is complicated; an effective waste disposal system is hard to come by, but change is happening so fingers crossed the momentum sticks.

- What are your dreams for the future of Ocean Mimic?

We hope to expand our clean-ups to more locations and continue working with schools to push the plastic-free movement. We have so many projects we want to work on, so the Kickstarter is really important and every donation really helps. We also want to introduce other eco-friendly products over the next couple of months - so stay tuned!

Plastic Trashbow © Ocean Mimic

Plastic Trashbow © Ocean Mimic

Beach clean in Bali © Ocean Mimic

Beach clean in Bali © Ocean Mimic

We love ocean heroines like Chelsea & Emma. Please check out their fundraising campaign to get your hands on one of their gorgeous suits and support the important work that they do. Good luck girls!

All images © Ocean Mimic